How to Copyright Your Photos in Mobile Phone?

Nowadays, there is a new trend of adding own name on the photos, as a sign of own Copyright! Have you safeguarded your memorable photos from being stolen? Do you copyright your family photos, before posting them on social media? Still, you are not protecting your photos?

Let us help you to aware of such copyright issues and how to copyright your mobile photos!

Copyright protection is available for original works of authorship, whether published or unpublished. You can copyright your any memorable photos that captured from your mobile, like pics of a family wedding, holiday trips, any paintings, structures, or anything.

What Is Copyright?

Copyright is a law that gives you ownership over the things that you have created. Be it an artistic work, innovative writing abilities, or even photo-capturing skills, if you have created it, you must have the ownership of it.

How is it Beneficial?

Without copyright, people would be permitted to use your artistic work without your permission, whereas with copyright, you have legal protection for your work.

If you are a photographer then, it gives you the exclusive right to make and sell copies of the photographs, to create derivative works, and to demonstrate your photography skills on the internet. You have the ownership of it, and no one can violate them legally unless you give approval for it!

So, such professional or hobbyist Photographers can carry their work effectively by watermark images with date and time, signature and GPS (Global Positioning System) using an Auto Stamper application which is available for Android as well as iOS users. It’s a great opportunity for photographers as they can showcase their work very easily with Auto Stamper.

Photographers can exhibit their skills on various platforms, such as on social media, on personal blog/website, or elsewhere. So, if you are a hobbyist or expert photographer, then make your personal blog and start posting your mobile photos on it, along with your signature stamp on it in the form of name, trademark, company logo and many other to make them secure.

Stamp Roles with respect to photo are listed below

Date and Time Stamp

When images are posted with the DateTime watermark, it will give the idea about when the image was captured. This is universally required in one way or the other to remember a duration since it was clicked and its glimpse. It shall help you to arrange or recollect moments which you wish to show off in front of people. Also, this can be said as the solution to the problem of stressing the mind every time to remember the time when the image was snapped.

Signature Stamp

It is a fact that DSLR picture quality is incomparable with that of mobile photos, but with advancements taking place every new day, it has become possible to capture amazing images with the best quality using a smartphone. It also facilitates you to add a personalized signature stamp on photos that are captured by your built-in camera as well as to add text on images. Watermarking images are also one of the very effective ways that can be used for better Photos and for exhibiting your Mobile Photography skills!

GPS (Global Positioning System) Stamp

It is also called as a Location stamp which is easily accessible with Auto Stamper in the easiest manner. “Where this photo was captured?” is really very hard question to answer for some of the people, whether they are photographers or viewers. Photograph stamped in your phone with the location helps us to convey the things which we want to deliver to others effectively, with the help of the pictures, especially
when you use it as evidence to prove a fact.

Just turn ON the GPS in your phone and capture your beautiful moments! The exact location will be added on every picture that you captured then after! You can also add custom location stamp on the

Photographers mostly prefer to show-off their skills by sharing their mobile pictures clicked by them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, if those photos are marked with the name (add text to photos) and location, i.e., to have a name or sign along with the location where you clicked that image can be of great help.

There is one added advantage of preventing your photos from stealing and misuse. In our opinion, Auto Stamper is the best photo stamper application which provides all of the above-mentioned features for both Android as well as iOS users.