Emerging new technologies for Mobile Development

Year 2019 is emerging as a benchmark year for the trends shaping mobile app development, where there is an emergence of newer tools and cutting-edge technologies, while the traditional approaches and technologies continue to grow and top emerging new technologies that will shape the mobile development industry in 2019 and beyond

Artificial Intelligence is an intelligent choice

According to Gartner, 2018-19 has witnessed over 300% increase in the investments made on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for mobiles such as mobile chatbots, which make great substitutes for functions carried out by numerous websites and apps. Siri and Alexa have become household names. Therefore, AI in iOS and Android mobile app development is expected to emerging out to be the most sought after feature in app.

App Streaming is the space saver

Lack of space on phone memory is one of the major reasons causing app abandonment by the users and App streaming technology is the answer to this problem. App streaming enables the users to harness some features of an app directly from the app store, without downloading it. Hence, App Streaming goes easy on space and allows users to enjoy features without any installation hassles. A clear winner, App streaming feature is a cost and space reducer.

Utility and Augmented Reality Apps

Although Augmented Reality when integrated with utility apps are bound to capture the imagination of the users. Gaming is the newest passion of new-age mobile customers and cutting edge AR games is one trend that is fairy expected to touch new heights in 2019. Unity developers are most sought after app developers in 2019

Mobile Security is a Priority

Mobile phones are our personal wallets and replacing the physical money at an astonishing speed. Hence Mobile security is not only a major concern, but it is also a mandatory necessity to encrypt sensitive and private data. Hire dedicated developers to ensure Accurate transmission of data over SSL and plug stopping data leakages is the most demanding task in 2019.

Cloud-driven Mobile Appsp

Users are requesting for functional mobile apps that directly access data from the Cloud, taking minimum space in the internal memory of smartphones. A show stopper when comes to space and data management, Cloud-driven apps will remain in trend for the better part of 2019 and beyond.

Boom of Location-based Services

With consumers searching shopping, food, travel options near them, location-based
apps are sought out since inception iOS and Android app development services are centered around location-based features in an app. We see this technology being further explored in 2019.

Micro-apps and Enterprise Apps are in demand

While micro-apps aim to carry out targeted business operations to take lesser loads, enterprise apps are designed to streamline, manage, and restructure important business operations on the go. Both these apps have made a phenomenal difference to businesses and are expected to impact mobile app development 2019 and beyond.

AMP Project Transforms Mobile Landscape

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), is designed to improve the loading speed of mobile apps on mobile. Progressive web apps, make mobile websites look and feel like mobile apps, is also being constantly used and serves as an alternative to developing and updating the native apps, will be in demand in 2019 and beyond.

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With an increasing number of people are investing in developing and buying apps, these are the new emerging technologies, expected to shape mobile development in 2019 and beyond. Therefore, Developers are bound to focus on delivering standout mobile apps that add value to the users’ day-to-day life.

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