Auto Stamper: One Step Solution to Digital Art Theft

Are you an artist and scared of Digital Theft of your Artwork? Does that lead you to hold back your inner creativity rather than promoting and getting applauds for your creativity?

Art is an expression! Creativity is gifted to humans! Artists express their creativity in different forms. In this Digital Era, the online presence of your Artistic work is mandatory, though it also poses the risk of art theft. Copying, sharing and using other’s work for free has become rampant in this online yug. Being an artist, getting your artwork stolen and presented as someone else’s work is the worst nightmare one can imagine. It’s really a bigger problem than most people realize.

But as they say “Problems are nothing but wake-up calls for creativity”. So, we are here with a creative one-stop solution to protect your artwork by watermarking images with – Auto stamper app! It helps you to watermark your artwork in various ways.

What is Watermark?

If you are in the artistic field then you should know about ‘watermark’. A digital watermark is basically a logo, signature or stamp imposed on an image. It can be your site’s logo, your signature with date and time stamp.

Firstly, a watermark is a good way to safeguard your work from online theft. Secondly, It can be an impressive marketing tool. With your logo or name on the work will give it a global identity.

Now to your relief, let’s see how an Auto Stamper app can be the best tool to protect your work with its variant functionalities!

Watermark Logo:

Auto Stamper helps you to quickly add a trademark logo stamp to your artwork. With this function, you can mark your work as a copyright protected one.

-It will give your work a global recognition which in turn helps in Brand marketing.

-Protecting artwork from digital theft has become essential nowadays. Quickly add a trademarked Logo Stamp to all your images and save them from misuse.

With Auto Stamper just simply select a logo from the Gallery Images and add to your desired photo.

Signature Stamp:

Customize Signature Watermark can be the best thing for your digital art. When you add your signature, it will guard the artwork against misuses and will maintain brand awareness.

Adding a Signature watermark will give your work an incredible professional touch by letting the world know who actually created that art piece.

Signature stamp can be your name, company name,Organization name.

This amazing Copyright stamp will save your work to be claimed by others.
Signature stamp will definitely impart a personalized touch to the artwork.

Date and Timestamp:

Auto Stamper is designed with another amazing watermark stamp “Date & Time Stamp” to copyright images with adding origin date & time of your artwork.

Date and time stamp will help you to track when your work was created and published.

It’s very essential when someone copies your style and idea and publish similar work as their own creativity.
In such cases, if you have date & time stamp, you can claim originality of an idea.

GPS Map Stamp:

Location stamps are essential for a site-specific artwork. Location stamp on various artworks like sand art, wall graffiti art, street art will help people to locate the spot and praise your work.

This can be really beneficial for all the art lovers who love to explore different art locations.
No matter where you show up your artwork, be it a wall art, street art or exotic sand art, you can always share your artwork images by watermarking them with customized stamps.

Isn’t it incredible to have all these features in a single app with customizable size, position, font, and colors?

Sequence Stamp:

Have you thought of assigning your artwork a number sequence?No? Then Auto Stamper has a gift for you.

How great it would be to sort the images sequentially so that you don’t have to remember which picture was taken first and which one was taken last?

Sequence stamp will ease your pain as it allows to add auto numbers to images that too in both increasing and decreasing orders.

With this stamp, an artist can always keep track of their work by assigning artwork a sequence number. Isn’t it amazing?

Now let’s see, How to use this awesome auto stamping app?

There isn’t any rocket science! Just download this Auto Stamper™: Timestamp Camera App for Photos app from the play store, and follow these:

1) Open the app,

2) Swipe On ‘Auto Stamper Toggle’,

3) Customize ‘Date & Time, Location, Signature Stamp and Sequence Stamp’,

4) Select an appropriate Brand Logo,

5) Now capture a picture from the built-in camera of your device or gallery images and the stamp will be added to it!

Note: Make sure that Auto Stamper is running in the background.

So relax, share and promote your artwork by watermarking them with Auto Stamper App and let your art get recognized globally.
You’ve got talent, so, start protecting your artwork before you share it online! 😉

P.S.: Auto Stamper for iPhone users!