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Elevate Your Practice and Connect with your Patients like never before with a Custom-Branded
Mental Health & Wellness App for iOS, and Android.

This White Label app is
Perfect if You're...

Music Therapist
Wellness Coach
LifeStyle Management Guru
Holistic treatment Provider
and more..
Ready, customize, launch

Jumpstart your app in days not months. Our platform and expertise streamline your launch, freeing you to focus on patient care.

Reduce costs and overhead

Avoid costly custom development. Our straightforward pricing gives you financial clarity and savings.

Optimized for web and mobile

We handle the technical details, ensuring your app impresses on every device, enhancing user engagement.

Let’s Talk! Find Out How Our Solutions Can Perfectly Fit Your Practice

Smart Investments, Bigger Returns

In-App Purchases:

Unlock premium features and content with one tap extra income made easy.

Subscription Plans:

Keep the revenue flowing with exclusive content and services available
through subscription models.

Transaction Fees:

Earn commissions from every in-app transaction, whether it’s booking appointments
or buying products.

Telemedicine Consultations:

Connect patients with healthcare professionals right from their phones and charge
for each consultation.

Data Monetization:

Turn anonymized user data into insights for healthcare organizations, opening up new revenue opportunities.

Discover What Our
White Label App Can Do for You

Our app is not just a tool it’s your practice’s new best friend. Packed with powerful features, it’s ready to transform how you work. Dive in and see the difference!

Easy To Launch

Jump-start your practice with our platform, tailored to fit your unique needs and branding save time and effort effortlessly.

Customize with Ease

Make the app truly yours. Adjust logos, color schemes, and content from text to videos to perfectly match your practice's style.

Expand with Integrations

Enhance functionality by integrating with third-party services, APIs, or plugins, designed to meet your specific
operational demands.

Affordable Solutions

Get the functionality of custom apps without the hefty price tag. Our cost-effective pricing makes high-tech accessible.

Secure and Compliant

Rest easy knowing your app meets top security and privacy standards keeping patient data safe and your
practice ahead of the curve.


Launch quickly with our market-ready applications, and establish your practice's presence
in no time at all.

The Tech Stack We Utilize

Custom App VS White Label App Development

Why Us?


Designed with mental health experts and wellness coaches in mind, our app ensures smooth operations without breaking the bank.

Built to Grow With You

Our app isn't just tough; it's flexible. Whatever your user base, we’re ready to scale with your expanding business.

Security You Can Trust

Fast, powerful, and secure. We meet top-tier enterprise security standards so you can focus on what matters your patients.

Skilled Professional

Our team? Top-notch. We're seasoned pros in crafting white label apps, fluent in today's cutting-edge technologies.

Ahead of the Clock

Timeliness is our forte. Expect your projects delivered faster than planned, every time.

Speedy Launches

Got an idea? We’re all ears. Share it with us, and we’ll get your app up and
running in no time.

Customize Your Theme Look

Have a Look on Our Modules

Wellness & Healing Module


  • IOS/Android App
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • 12+ Diseases Included
  • Crafted 500+ Therapies
  • 300+ Classical Raga Based Music
  • 150+ Afirmations
  • 200+ Curated Meditations

Appointment Booking Module


  • IOS/Android App
  • Appointment Booking Flow
  • Online Consultations
  • Text Chat
  • Payment Getway Integration
  • Time Slot Booking System
  • Powerful Admin Panel

What You'll Get?

Responsive Website

It just works on any device. Enjoy a perfect user experience, whether on a phone, tablet, or desktop. Your audience, covered.

App for Android and iOS

Wherever your customers are, we’re there. Our native apps bring your services right to their fingertips easy, accessible,
and on their favorite devices.

App Content
Over 500 therapies
300+ classical raga tunes
150 affirmations
200+ Curated Meditations
Coverage for 12+ diseases
Powerful Admin Panel

You’re in control. Our admin panel is a breeze to use, making updates and management straightforward. Drive your digital presence from the comfort of your dashboard.

Ready to give your practice a digital supercharge? Let’s get started!

Clear Up Any Confusion

1How customisable my white label app?

You can brand your white-label by customising your app name, app icon, loading screen image, menu sidebar background image, and your brand colours.

2What’s the difference between a white-label web app and mobile app?

A web app is a customised, branded experience made for the web that makes browsing and ordering easy for your customers. The web experience is optimised for both desktop and mobile devices.

White-label native apps are brand standalone apps that your customers will be able to download from the App Store for iOS devices, and Google Play Store for Android devices. This ensures that your brand is always on your customers’ homescreen so ordering is only a tap away.

3 Can I access customer data and reports?

Yes. You can access customer data and generate reports.

4 Can I send push notifications to my users?

Yes. As a white-label partner you're able to send out push notifications to your app users base, informing them of any updates or positive quotes and etc.. from admin panel.

5What are features in your White-Label app?

Our White-Label app comes packed with a comprehensive set of features designed to meet your every need:

Responsive Design:
Seamlessly adapts to different screen sizes for optimal user experience across devices.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:
Available on both Android and iOS platforms, reaching a wider audience.

Customizable Content:
Easily personalize your app with videos, audios, images, and more to reflect your brand identity.

Push Notifications:
Keep your users engaged and informed with real-time notifications.

User Authentication:
Secure access with user authentication features for enhanced privacy and control.

Analytics and Reporting:
Gain valuable insights into user behavior and app performance with advanced analytics and reporting tools.

Social Media Integration:
Expand your reach and engagement by integrating with popular social media platforms.

In-App Purchases:
Monetize your app with in-app purchases, subscriptions, and payment gateways.

Admin Dashboard:
Manage and monitor your app effortlessly with a powerful and intuitive admin dashboard.

Regular Updates and Support:
Stay ahead with regular updates and dedicated support to address any queries or issues promptly.

Experience the full potential of our White-Label app, tailored to elevate your business and engage your audience effectively.

6 From Application what users get?

Crafted 500+ Therapies

300+ Classical Raga Based Music

150+ Afirmations

200+ Curated Meditations

12+ Diseases Already Included

You can add your own choices diseases, therapies, music and etc..

Here's What Keeps
the Value Rolling After Launch

AMC Contract

Think of our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) as your app's personal doctor always there to ensure everything runs smoothly. We handle the updates and tech stuff, so you can focus on your core
business without any hitches.

Always Advancing

Keep your app at the forefront. Our team regularly rolls out new features to keep your app not just running, but leading the pack. Expect enhanced usability and cutting-edge functionalities that set you apart.

Evolving Excellence

Your app, always better than yesterday. We tune up your tool based on real user feedback and the latest market trends. From squashing bugs to boosting user experience, we’re on it because your
app’s success means everything.

Content That Connects

Capture hearts and minds with fresh, relevant content. Our team crafts and manages engaging updates, making sure your app stays interesting, informative, and indispensable.

Ready to make your app the powerhouse of your practice? Let’s make it happen!