Why Shopify is Popular for E-commerce Store Development

The development of e-commerce in today’s world has completely changed the way of businesses function. Previously, consumers spend their time in transportation to reach a certain location for purchasing good products from a merchant. As a result, development for E-commerce stores has exploded. The fusion of stunning looks and versatility of an E-commerce store creates extra revenue. This is the main reason – Why Shopify is Popular For E-commerce Store Development?

E-commerce websites and applications allow companies to establish an extensive web presence. Both websites and applications give shoppers the ability to reach quickly for online shopping from a variety of convenient platforms like mobile devices, tablets, computers, etc. 

Old-styled E-commerce websites are now replaced by specialized cart-making software and tools. Its advanced features include various functionalities to enhance the user’s online shopping experience.


Why Shopify is Best for E-commerce Store Development?


Why Shopify is Best for E-commerce Store Development?

Shopify is an ideal platform for retailers that provide products or services requiring a minimum setup. Through using an advanced Shopify platform as per your company’s need, you can sell a single product or many products. This raises your ROI and your company sales, reduced development time, physical hosting charges, development commitment, and many more are some of Shopify’s advantages.


Shopify Statistics and Facts

• Shopify employing over 14 lakhs live websites 

• Over 2,2 lakhs sites used Shopify historically

• For an E-commerce store, 88% of our users recommend using Shopify

• In Review, Shopify has scored 4.7 / 5


Why Shopify is Popular For E-commerce Store Development?

Shopify supports over 500,000 businesses in 175 countries. It is a famous E-commerce site for many reasons. It is the best choice for those sellers who want quality, reliability, and rich features. Let’s check the Features list for the Shopify website:


1. Easy To Set Up

Shopify is an easy-to-use platform with a simple setup. It is a complete solution for those who have to lack knowledge of online store development. The admin interface is easy to use and the user interface is elegant as well.


2. Best Hosted Solution

Hosting a shopping cart for large and small businesses requires technical knowledge and plenty of free time. Shopify is a cloud-based hosted solution for which databases or servers are not required. You can access your shop from anywhere with admin login information and an internet connection.


3. Unique Online Store Development

The platform focuses on various professional templates that promote the development of exclusive and visually attractive online stores. It comes with a basic minimum style, but designers and developers will work on it to create a store with a rich UI and an outstanding UX.


4. Built-in Marketing Tools

Shopify includes built-in marketing platforms that reduce prices, which can save E-commerce startups money. It allows you to write titles, unique URLs, makes pages visible & invisible, meta description, and redirection of pages. Also, with Shopify, you can connect your online store with Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to raise product ads.


5. Connection App with Website

The application boasts incredible customization features, as it can be seamlessly combined with applications. This means that the retailer can quickly incorporate any additional functionality and features into his shop and improve the value of the store.


6. Technical Support

When running an online store and an E-commerce shopping cart, you need technical help. Shopify guarantees 24/7 technical support; thus, you can speak to the customer anytime if there is a problem, and for this, you can make a call or drop a message.


7. Secure

For an online company, security is essential because it represents the consumers’ private,  personal and financial details. Shopify provides a hosting solution for updates and repairs with both security and reliability functionality.


8. Super-Fast Loading Speed

As a globally hosted solution, Shopify has a stable platform of integrated hardware and software. This gives the website a super-fast load pace, so it takes a few seconds to load.


9. Mobile-Friendly

As the number of mobile shoppers is rising every day, Mobile responsiveness is the secret of the growth of an e-commerce store. All the themes available in Shopify are Mobile friendly and support all the iPhone and Android OS, so never waste your time in optimization.


10. Simplify Data Duplicity

When adding data in multiple fields and types, a manual listing of data maximizes the risk of mistakes and repetition. Also, problems occur where errors are not sufficiently discussed. Shopify comes with automated solutions to simplify the means of data entry and eject data duplicity. 


11. Easy Payment

A major problem for online sellers is the development of a safe and efficient payment gateway. The payment service should make it easy for customers to pay with various payment options. Shopify makes it easier for store owners to set up a payment portal. The site accepts the payment method of Stripe, allowing customers the right way to make purchases adding no raised incomes.


12. SEO Friendly

If your store is set up, it’s important to make it search engine friendly. SEO is necessary to make sure that the website is easily accessible to shoppers. Shopify helps in improving the foundation of landing pages. It also supports SEO parameters such as custom title tags and meta tags.


13. Superior Functionality

Shopify offers superior functionality with a plugin/application form that helps you to import, configure and change the site. Also, it offers catalog management, billing, personalized reporting, and e-mail autoresponder integrations. Email autoresponder integration helps companies to deliver self-generated answers to emails to clients.


14. Free Trial

Shopify provides a free sample kit that you can use to learn its functionality and features. The only thing you need to do is to create an account by entering information such as name, email id, number, and give answers to a few questions about your action. After building an account, you will get a 14-day free trial package where you can test out all the Shopify services.


Final Summary: Why Shopify is Popular for E-commerce Store Development?

Many features like personalized websites, inventory of products, market online marketplace, etc. make Shopify a world-famous E-commerce platform. These are the reasons – why Shopify is popular for E-commerce store development.

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