What is Salesforce? What does Salesforce do? How does it help companies?

When you heard the word “Salesforce” – we immediately asked, “what is salesforce?”, “Who is the person who handles the salesforce technology?”, and “How do salesforces help companies?” So, if you are also one of them who also doesn’t know about salesforce technology, then read this article.


What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a platform that gained popularity in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) market. The plays an important role in the company’s development and success.

The roles and responsibilities are distinguished in the following 3 flows:

1. Salesforce Administrator,

2. Salesforce Consultant,

3. Salesforce Developer.


It is a cloud-based service on SaaS software that helps you to host your applications customers can access online. It works as a pay-as-you-go subscription-based business model. 

The main feature of the tech is that it allows live data tracking and real-time updates. You can access all the data and information from any device‌ because all data and information are stored in the cloud.

The salesforce definition also shows that you must require specialization in customer relationship management (CRM). It assists companies in keeping good relationships with current and exciting clients. 

Salesforce technology can identify a company’s top leads and their actions and next steps. Its features ‌keep consumers satisfied, which leads to brand loyalty, besides gaining new clients.

Although there are more alternatives for CRMs available in the market, this tech is quickly becoming the industry standard.


What Does Salesforce Do?

What Does Salesforce Do?

Source: https://mithra.live/Salesforce-CRM.html

It develops and maintains customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps in breaking down technological walls across all departments. It provides businesses a comprehensive view of their customers wherever they engage with your brand. 

When you are using Salesforce technology, you can share a single customer view from any device from anywhere to your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and information technology (IT) department. You can also call it a 360-degree platform because it’s a set of advanced applications that allow you to see a complete picture of your consumers wherever they interact with your business.


It provides a variety of cloud platforms for a variety of specific uses. Among them are‌:


  • The Sales Cloud:

In this cloud resource, you can get sales, marketing, and customer support. It helps your businesses in the personalization experience for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) contexts.


  • The Marketing Cloud:

With this cloud, your business can engage with the right customers at the right channels at the right times. It gathers a person’s data from social media interactions, buying behaviors, like pages, and other activities.


  • The Analytics Cloud

The Analytics cloud or Einstein Sales Analytics, whatever you called helps your business to analyze data and get more deals. With this analysis data, companies can identify the workflow, opportunities, performance, and more things.

More other’s Salesforce technologies are available and ….. These lists go on and on…


Why did you choose Salesforce?

“Salesforce Architect has the highest average salary across the most valuable job skills.” – Business Insider 

Salesforce has over 1.5 lakh customers across the world in May 2016. It is leading in the market with a 19.7% market share. Its alternatives SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft are far behind it with the 12.1%, 9.1%, & 6.2% accordingly.

But the AppExchange features over 2700 applications that drive more than 3 million installations. 70% of developers love these features.

Nowadays, many businesses are developing their apps on this platform or switching apps. And this is the reason ‌why this technology is in the demand. 


How Does Salesforce Work?

Customer 360 offers applications that keep all the teams (marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT) together, and shared customer data on a single integrated platform.

Employees can easily access their information and conduct the best work. They can also easily interact and coordinate with coworkers. As a result, your customers will have more connections, get personalized experiences, and lead to stronger bonds.

This comprehensive perspective of each client reduces the time. It also removes communication redundancy and enables more tailored interactions.


Salesforce Developer Requirements

For Developers, a college degree is not the only solution. You should know basic things about programming. 

Required Key Skills:

  • Programming Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Logical Skills

With these basic skills, you need some things you need that make you a professional developer. Here are the skills required:


How to Become a Salesforce Developer? 

Here are the 7 Steps that make you a salesforce developer:

  1. Relevant Certifications
  2. Platform Developer I (PD I) Certification
  3. Multi-Tasks Abilities
  4. Join Salesforce StackExchange
  5. Member of a Local Developer Community Group
  6. Guide To Overcome Technical Bottlenecks
  7. Analysis Capacity to Solve Problems


Supported Programming Languages in Salesforce

A salesforce developer uses a special programming language called Apex to use both platforms – First is salesforce’s own platform, and the second is the user interface framework for design (which is also called Visualforce). 

Apex is used to create customized integrations, launch custom API calls, and change the own system.

Visualforce is the front-end technology used as Lightning Component Framework. It simplifies the process of developing desktop and mobile apps by merging HTML and JavaScript. The Lightning Component has 2 sets: lightning web components and lighting Aura components. You can use both components simultaneously.



Pizza Hut, HCL technologies, L’Oreal, Nikon Instruments, InMobi, Genesys, Babajob, Urban Ladder, Western union, Activision, American Express, etc all use it to enhance their businesses. These companies have used these platforms for their own purposes like education, healthcare, finance, and other departments to drive customer services and create new opportunities.

So, we hope that your question “what is Salesforce?”, and all other questions are getting now decoded. Still, the salary structure for salesforce developers is questionable. But, IT companies already implemented this technology for their various areas of operations, and therefore we can say that the lightning roles and responsibilities are different as the requirements are changed.

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