How To Design A Shopify Store Like a Pro: Step By Step Guide

Do you want to open your E-commerce store? Then, Shopify is popular for E-commerce store development. It offers a simple and most comprehensive way to start an online e-commerce site. Whether you are a beginner or expert, you can easily make a good-looking Shopify store. Here, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on “How to Design A Shopify Store Like A Pro?

Shopify store development is the leading choice to build an E-commerce site because it covers everything – from your online marketplace from scratch to constructing a social media store to solutions with shipping, payment, and more.


Why Shopify?

  • To date, Shopify has generated over $100 billion in revenue.
  • 79% of traffic is generated from Mobile devices
  • Shopify has over 3200 apps and is available in 175 countries across the world.
  • The Shopify platform is used by over 1.7 million retailers.
  • In 2021, Shopify will be used by 2,297 million active websites.


80% of Users say that shopping exercise on the site is more essential than the products and services. Shopify provides clean and good-looking themes. Still, some of the developing things depend on the theme. So, select according to your requirements but not forget about user experience. 


Why Shopify store design is important?


Why Shopify store design is important


Why design, you might think? To encourage people to buy from you, you need to optimize the design of your Shopify site. Because It inspires the curiosity of customers while also enhancing credibility and trust. A successful Shopify store should put equal focus on product, marketing, advertising, and store design.

According to studies, 42% of visitors closed a website due to “poor functionality.” In other studies of 1,000 Americans, 600 indicated “website usability” is essential to them. Here are tips on How to make a good-looking Shopify store? 

  • Maintain a minimum of features.
  • Use the correct color scheme.
  • Make good use of free ads.
  • Include high-resolution, and clear images.
  • Use flashy timestamps and banners.
  • Make a logo that is easily recognized.
  • Installing the required payment gates.


How To Design A Shopify Store Like a Pro: Step By Step Guide


How To Design A Shopify Store

1. Make Browsing and Purchasing Simple for Customers

The easy-going ways to choose products for customers make more selling of your orders. The ease with which customers can utilize or perform their intended activities, such as looking at product descriptions, pricing, or making a purchase, is a measure of your store’s usability. Customers should not have to look all around to find what they require.


Ways to Improve the User Usability on Your E-commerce Website

  • Easy Navigation
  • Grab visitors’ attention
  • Choice of shape, color, font typography, and button content
  • Selecting the right typography
  • Special offers

Providing too many options to consumers confuses. They just click away because they can’t make up their minds. Keep your offerings straightforward and to the point.


2. Use Effective Fonts To Increase Conversions

Effective fonts might be as essential as content writing. According to a survey of internet users, they only read 28% of the words from a page. This does not imply that you should use less text. Just make sure it’s written in a legible format.


There are three components of good typography.


  • Legibility

Make the page as simple to read as possible. For online businesses, use a “sans serif” font like Tahoma or Arial.


  • Readability

Font size, color, and space between words and lines are all readability design aspects. Use strong contrast, such as black lettering on a white backdrop, headlines, and graphics to break up long blocks of text.


  • Context

Maintain a typeface that is appropriate for the message and audience. You don’t want to market with a calligraphy font or infant sleepwear with huge, bold, capitalized red letters.


3. Make Your Brand Identity Visible

Let’s understand with the example. Have you seen a Coca-Cola bottle? Suppose you are in a different country where you find language issues. The Coca-Cola bottle you can find with a different font (in another country’s language). Still, you easily identify it. How? Due to the same logo.
So, when how to design a Shopify store, making the color, design, and logo the same across all pages and channels. So people can recognize it.


4. Analyze Your Organic Traffic

User-generated content (UGC) boosts your organic traffic. The best way to attract people to your site is to put a series of photos of the products. Because 88% of online shoppers purchase any products by watching product photos and videos.

Updating User-generated content on your website will drive more traffic, conversions, and sales. Add high-resolution images with content, so you may get more & more engagement.


5. Improve the Structure of Your Menu Navigation

The navigation of your menu should never be complicated. A complicated menubar with several dropdowns is popular in online stores. For customers shopping for specific product categories, this creates an uncomfortable experience. Instead, your menu navigation should have a dropdown with nested categories and the most significant broad categories.

How to design a Shopify store menu navigation? The bigger drop-down that looks like a page design is the best solution. It makes it easy for customers to find the products they want. 


6. Create Pages That Load Quickly

The speed with which your site loads is critical for keeping customers on your site. The majority of online customers are impatient. According to a BBC survey, 10% of customers exit a store’s page for every additional second if it takes too much load.


How can you increase website loading speed?

  • Keep only the necessary applications.
  • compress high-quality images by 50% or more.
  • Use in-build Shopify themes.
  • Do not use carousel images

Use Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool to check the website’s loading speed. It will show you the page speeds and provide you with suggestions on how to improve them. See how you can construct a speedier site with this Shopify guide.


7. Make Sure it Looks Amazing on a Mobile Device

Mobile will boost the global online market in 2021, accounting for 54% of total revenues (or $659 billion). Consumers are using their mobile devices to find nearby stores. Because the majority of internet users use applications, social media, and websites through their smartphones, merchants must optimize their sites for mobile.

It’s possible that forgetting to optimize your store for mobile users may cost you new customers and sales. Users who have a bad experience with your mobile store are 62% less inclined to buy from you again.


8. Add video

A video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. If you want to make your store more interactive, videos are a great way to make your store visitors stop scrolling to look at your products.



We hope you may understand how to design a Shopify store !!! There are more steps to follow to design a Shopify store. The design of your business is critical in ensuring that customers stay in your store and make a purchase. You may design make a good-looking Shopify store to focus on all the characteristics and Make your customers fall in love with your brand.

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