5 Shocking Flutter Advantages & Disadvantages You Can’t Know Till Now

Nowadays, both App stores and iOS stores are loaded with different types of applications, games, books, etc. So, creating the app for iOS and Android is the prior task for the developers. To develop an amazing UI for the app, they are using different types of cross-platforms. And one of the best and most popular cross-platforms is “Flutter”. So, let’s know the basic overview, key features, and Flutter Advantages & Disadvantages.


What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source platform developed by Google that allows you to create mobile, desktop, and online apps from a single codebase. Like other technology, you can’t consider Flutter as a framework or library. Flutter is a complete Software Development Kit. To know more about Flutter stay with us. It is now an open-source initiative that develops apps with Dart (a programming language exclusive to Flutter).


6 Key Features of Google Flutter for App Development

  • Hot Reload
  • Native Features Access
  • Best Cross-Platform 
  • Use Minimal Code
  • All the sets of widgets
  • Google Firebase Support


5 Shocking Flutter Advantages & Disadvantages

Flutter Advantages & Disadvantages

Each tech has its benefits and limitations. Same for the Flutter. To use Flutter language for the app development, check these shocking Flutter Advantages & Disadvantages.


  • Advantages Of Flutter

Flutter includes a variety of features that keep developers and app owners interested. Flutter’s advantages are integrated into the programming language and a set of development tools, allowing it to address problems and overcome restrictions that other technologies can’t.


  1. Flutter is the fastest development platform. So, you can develop an app quickly, which saves your time and money. Same as the other cross-platforms, Flutter is also allowing you to build up the same code for the iOS and Android apps. And it will make whole the development process fast. 


  1. The “Hot Reload” functionality helps you to edit the code during the process and you can immediately check the preview, without recompiling the code. With this process, you can easily fix the bugs. If you want to experiment with the different types of UI elements and features, Flutter is always helped you to do. 


  1. The Flutter’s layered architecture makes possible the rendering process fast. The full customization option allows to overlay & animate graphics, video, text, and controls without limits.


  1. You can separate the UI and native controls. So, it eliminates nuances and errors made by smartphone manufacturers. These may not occur ‌regularly, but they are difficult to avoid with native development. Having a separate UI also means having a unified view of all system versions with no effort.


  1. In both GitHub and Stack Overflow, Flutter outscored React Native. You will find a more no of training resources. So, Nos of developers love to work. And all these advantages of flutters make him continually grow.


  • Disadvantages Of Flutter

No technology comes with no errors. Here are some reasons why Flutter might not be the ‌tool for a specific app.


  1. Flutter is a brand-new app development framework for cross-platform tech. Many Flutter functionalities are in alpha and beta testing may not always perform correctly. Because the platform is still being developed, you may not ‌get the essential functions in the present library in some circumstances. Flutter will require some time to develop the required tools, improve functionality, and grow the community.


  1. Modern customers do not want to surrender their favorite song or game for the next program, thus one of the developer’s key duties is to make the shortest application size possible. How? It is done by only not using animations, reducing images, and using a minimum of packages and libraries. When you create a 4 MB flutter app, it has only a 500 kb size on the other platforms. Might be Google fixing it in a short time.


  1. Because Flutter is a Google product, the quality of support for iOS applications suffers‌. If most of the SDK functionalities on Android operate well, there are issues with iOS. 


  1. Using your widgets rather than native widgets has certain disadvantages to Flutter. Because of this certain Android and iOS functionalities are not working properly. Autocomplete input fields are presently causing issues in Flutter apps. This is especially obvious if you need to extract passwords from built-in or third-party password managers.


  1. The framework, as well as the Dart language, changes quickly ‌which might make long-term code maintenance challenging. 


Does Flutter Have A Future?

Does Flutter Have A Future

Do you think that flutter has a future? The answer is yes. 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn Flutter For Your Career:

  • Its documentation process is simple, straightforward, and easy to follow.
  • Whether it is iOS, Android, or any other Linux kernel OS, Flutter uses the same code across platforms
  • Flutter provides excellent out-of-the-box widgets.
  • It has a large global community because it is an open-source SDK supported by Google. It speeds up the development and problem-solving processes.
  • Flutter’s connectivity with many operating systems is good.
  • Flutter has a hot reload functionality, which allows designers and developers to observe changes immediately and make ‌modifications.
  • You can also our famous article – Flutter Vs React Native: Which is the Best Choice?



Hope you understand all the Flutter advantages & disadvantages. So, the next time you want to apply on Flutter you check all the pros and cons. In the ‌summary, we can only say that the SDK – Flutter is the best choice for your project. Yes, there are some drawbacks, but surely it will be clear in a short time by Google. If you’re still in doubt, you can always receive expert advice from our development team – Contact Us.

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