Best Chatbot Development Frameworks You Should Know

Have you ever communicated with a chatbot? Maybe, you have done, but probably don’t know. For Example, When you have visited some websites, suddenly a pop-up rises in the corner that is ready to help you. Yes, I think you get my point. This pop-up is nothing, but It’s a chatbot window.

A chatbot is a conversational AI that communicates like a human, but actually, it’s a human-like software system that can read and understand your questions and answer you in quick time. This type of utilization of chatbots has ballooned in recent times from startups to big organizations.


Let’s See Some Important Stats About Chatbot:

• In the last 2-3 years, 80% of organizations will implement chatbots, according to BusinessInsider.

• A Grand View Research report also revealed that at the end of the year 2025, the chatbot market will cross $1.25 billion worldwide.

• Chatbots have already proved that it helps companies to save up to 30% of the customer service costs.


Today, nearly every social media site provides chatbots conversation, including Facebook, Slack, Telegram, and Hangouts. These statistics strongly show that chatbots can be a game-changer for companies in all sectors.

So, if you’re serious and looking for a chatbot for your business, here we’re sharing the 6 best chatbot development frameworks that help you create successful chatbots. But before going with the best frameworks, let’s take a more piece of information about the chatbot, its importance, and its Advantages.


What is a chatbot?


What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software program that can interact and communicate easily with people like humans. It has a natural language processing capability to understand what the user is asking, and then reply accordingly to their inquiries and requests.

The best examples are Siri and Alexa. By using these, you can clearly understand how chatbots will improve your daily life. In recent years, the demands of the use of Chatbots have risen like skyrockets.


Importance of Chatbot:

Businesses receive hundreds of client/user queries regularly It could be very difficult to handle all the inquiries quickly. 

To be competitive in such a new and competitive market is also to automate as many of the operations as possible. So remaining in competition in such a new and competitive market, business needs automating processes as much as possible.

And nowadays, this demand is functioned by “AI chatbots.” For Automated user services and reduces the workload of employees, 80% of companies implement “chatbots” in their services. Through chatbots, a company can provide customized, flexible, human-like responses to millions of users at the same time.


Benefits of Chatbot For Business:

1. Get better lead generation

2. Deliver 24*7 Automated support

3. Increasing user engagement

4. Save More Time for Work

5. Reduce customer service cost

6. Cut down human errors

7. High customer Satisfaction

8. Increase team productivity


Integrating chatbots was once a complicated operation, But say thank you to chatbot development companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM, who allow development easily and affordably. 

So now, let’s know about the frameworks which are used in Chatbot development services that build Powerful Bots !!!


6 Best Chatbot Development Frameworks


6 Best Chatbot Development Frameworks


1. Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Framework System platform helps you to develop, communicate, distribute, and manage smart and interactive chatbots that have the best user experience. This enterprise-grade bot gives you full ownership control of your data. It has a web-based GUI to generate bots that are knowledgeable and readily give a reply.

Chatbots based on Microsoft Bot can answer even the most complex questions. Using current conversations and cognitive services, the Microsoft Bot platform can train chatbots, too. You can integrate Microsoft Bot Framework with Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Website, Cortana, Microsoft team, Kik, and so more.

The Microsoft Chatbot Framework contains both free and premium versions. Its premium edition accords to your usage. The fee is $0.50 for every 1000 messages shared via the premium channel via the AI chatbot. Flexible support programs begin at $29 a month.


2. is the company purchased by Facebook. It is a chatbot frame with specialized computing capacities in the natural language. At startup, originated from the Y Combinator. It allows the developer to customize the entities and attempts where text or voice input is needed. supports over 80 languages worldwide, making translating data convenient for developers worldwide. 

It is easily integrated with the website, app, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Wearable devices, Home automation, etc. For both personal and commercial platforms, it is free to use.


3. IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a prominent and famous development framework concentrating on a 1 billion Wikipedia words neural network. It has come with a pre-integrated and pre-trained infrastructure that allows companies to use the IBM Watson chatbot quickly.

IBM Watson chatbot also contains various machine learning algorithms to respond, just like a Wit.Ai framework. It is easily implemented with Facebook Messenger, Slack, Intercom, WordPress site, Custom applications through APIs. It is free to use on the IBM cloud for 30 days and then as per your needs you have to choose paid plans.


4. Dialogflow

Dialogflow is easy for beginners to learn and to understand. It is formerly known as and in 2016. Then it was bought by Google. It’s the most commonly used platform that builds behavior on 400M+ Google Assistant smartphones. Dialogflow is user-friendly, serving in 20+ languages, and probably the most powerful platform for developing natural language-based applications.

Dialogflow is a “build-once and deploy-everywhere” kind of programming platform used to build conversational interfaces for mobile apps, websites, popular chat channels, and other IoT gadgets. It has unique voice navigating features that help a business get digitalization. With the Google Cloud architecture and an AI-powered, sophisticated system, the Dialogflow chatbot converts voice into text.  

It integrates with Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Slack, Cortana, Kik, Alexa, Viber, Line, Skype, Twilio, Twitter, Telegram. The standard edition comes with a free version, but you need to use the premium version for further use.


5. Botkit

Botkit is an open-source chatbot application powered by a community of developers that has now been purchased by Microsoft. It is designed with lots of interconnected software. Botkit provides the management of content, analysis, and operational instruments to notify you what the bot does and how and by whom it is utilized. It also provides an advanced learning model that helps him to answer popular customer questions by simply communicating with one of their bots writing no code.

The price of the paid version begins at $5/month, which varies depending on the average number of users that your chatbot communicates with. It integrates with apps like Slack, Cisco Spark, Microsoft, Twilio, IBM Watson, Twitter,, Glitch, Heroku, and more.



Rasa Stack is an architecture layer for developers to build and deploy better AI assistants. It’s an open-source conversational AI platform that originally came from the GitHub project. It offers the requisite resources for high-performance, contextual, resilient, and customizable assistants.

It runs on two main elements – Rasa Core and Rasa NLU. You can install it on your own server/environment with keeping all components secure. It is the main benefit of the Rasa Stack chatbot. Rasa is the best free chatbot for using to develop the contextual assistant developed using Rasa’s open-source toolkit. It comprises Facebook Messenger, Rocket.Chat, Twilio, Telegram, Slack, Website, etc.


Final Words:

Since chatbot arrives, It supports companies enormously in various ways, such as customer service, lead generation, and marketing. So, if you are part of a Top Web And Mobile App Development Company and searching for chatbot platforms, these 6 best chatbot development frameworks will help to select one. 

There is no ideal platform for chatbots development because it all depends on your requirement. So, we expect these high-profile chatbot frameworks will help you with your business.

If you’ve ever used any chatbot, let us know which are the best chatbot development frameworks in the comment section !!!

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