Android Latest Features For Developers

As we know, Android Development is the leading competitor with 85.9% of global market shares. Google claimed last year that there were over 2 billion monthly users active on Android devices. Major continents, including Asia, large parts of Europe, and the South American region. Do you know how to get this traffic on your app? Yes, by including the best features on your application. So what are the important features of development? Below, please check the list of the Android latest features for developers. 


Android Latest Features For Developers

Android Latest Features For Developers


• User-Friendly Interface that is simple and easy to use

The first essential element to be involved in Android app development is simplicity, with a touch of elegance in the user interface. It should ensure that the function of the application is user-friendly, so that everyone, even those who do not know about smartphones in advance, can use it easily.

You should keep in mind that most users form an opinion within minutes of using a mobile app. Therefore, it is better to focus on simplifying the user interface design and developing wireframes.

The app will be successful if users can access the required page with only a few taps and without having to wait too long. Creating a shortcut for a key functionality would be more helpful.

With the shifting trends, gesture control has become an important feature of the app, allowing app developers to create the blocks, including integrating fresh capabilities. It eventually leads to an improvement in the user experience.


• Put An Enterprise App Features into Reality

Since the last few years, Enterprise mobile app development has developed considerably, and because it has several potential benefits, companies are progressively expressing their interest in it.

One of the most significant advantages is that it streamlines the company process by enhancing communication between employees and different teams. Second, it focuses on offering strong security and ensuring the safety of your data.

The enterprise apps also have a messaging or chat-based component, allowing employees to easily connect. CRM, ERP, and SAP connectivity are among the extra capabilities available in the corporate apps.


Cloud Computing & Payment Gateway

Cloud computing is now be regarded as an essential asset for your Android app due to the quick advancement of technology. It is a feature of the development of a variety of different apps, such as messaging apps. It increases the app’s strength and gets more traffic.

You can also consider integrating the payment gateway option in your app. Nowadays, most digital applications include this function, which allows users to pay for a product or service straight through the app without needing any additional tool.


Should also work in offline mode

It is not feasible to have an internet connection everywhere and be online 24×7 always. As a result, your Android app should also support offline mode functionality, too.

You should make the app usable even when there is no internet connection. Users will simply enjoy navigating the app’s functionalities without having to spend any data. This is also the best android latest feature for developers.


Keep it small in size

Users frequently complain about a lack of memory space, which prevents them from storing important data. It is now your responsibility to handle this issue while creating the Android app.

So, you have to reduce or compact the size of the app, much for the satisfaction of your audiences. You might hear that the larger the app, the more space it takes up and the longer it takes to download or update.

Remember that each update expands the app’s size as you add new features and functions to better serve your users. So, you must have to remove those functions from the app that is no longer required.


Supporting to Several Languages

Integrating support for several languages is another eye-catching feature that will offer your Android app a competitive advantage. The target audience and the geographical region where your app will be released must be considered while implementing the language.

It should support the most widely spoken international languages, such as English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, and others, among others. However, if you are releasing the app across the Asian continent, you will need to include Hindi and Arabic as well. Language integration is also determined by the client’s budget.


Fast Loading Speed

The poor loading speed of most mobile applications is one of the primary reasons why they fail to make an impression in the market. Users like apps that respond quickly, therefore when developing features for your Android app put these android features list at the top of your priority.

It must be assured that the loading time of your application does not surpass 10 seconds and that it does not exceed 15 seconds. It should also be very responsive, with all functionalities working properly when tapped at any time of day.


Utilize Social Media Tools

Without a doubt, social media platforms are one of the best and most powerful marketing methods for Android app promotion. As a result, it is critical to integrate and link to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where you may advertise your app and offer information on app changes. Users can also discuss their app-related experiences.


User Feedback Area

User feedback is considered to be one of the most important aspects of your mobile application, determining if your brand is a hit or a flop show. Allow and encourage more users to give them critical feedback on your app, either in the form of comments or ratings.

The more input you receive from your potential audience, the more opportunities you will have to improve your app’s functionality. Evaluating the performance of your Android app at regular intervals is an essential aspect of the work. This is also a wonderful and good gesture on the part of the app owner and developer, demonstrating his concern for the users. 


Registration or Login Page Should Be Clear

Most mobile applications these days ask users to register using their email addresses and phone numbers. If it is an on-demand app, they may be requested to create a personal profile that allows the owner to collect valuable data.

You must, however, ensure that the registration page is basic and brief. Longer forms and needless inquiries may irritate users. You should just include the name, phone number, email address, and if required, the address. 


Chat Support

Chat support functionality is a must-have mobile app feature. If you add a support function, your users communicate their problems easily. Everyone should see assistance as a potential source of customer growth. If you solve users’ issues with chat support, it may be the most helpful feature for your audience. It is also the top android feature for developers.


A Search Option

A search tool is a must-have feature that many business apps currently lack. A search feature is necessary regardless of how basic your mobile app is because individuals have varying technological skills. Make it as simple as possible for people to find what they’re looking for, and make sure they don’t lose interest in your app.


Battery Preservation

There are many apps and concepts available, but if it drains the battery so fast, the end-user will be unable to prolong the life of their device, such features made irrelevant to your app. As a result, solutions must account for battery-preservation strategies and procedures that ensure a long experience and a longer battery life.


Clear Privacy Options

Every app should, ideally, provide a straightforward user experience, highly visible privacy notifications. The elegant UX will improve consumers’ perceptions of your brand identity, and the upfront privacy notifications will demonstrate that you value your customers’ data, eventually improving brand affinity. In recent times, it is the most prioritized android’s latest feature for developers to add in-app.


A Security-By-Design Strategy

There is a severe lack of cybersecurity consideration in the mobile app feature of development. Adopt a security-by-design strategy while developing apps for success. Shift-left rules must be followed by developers. This means that comprehensive security testing is required throughout the development lifecycle, from conception to architecture, execution, testing, and release.


Multifactor Authentication

Recognizing that a balance between data accessibility and data security is required today more than ever, we would suggest that any business app that gives access to information should be developed with multifactor authentication as a standard for validation and user access. It appears unethical to try to and build on topsoil if security is not at the forefront of your app development.


Scalable Text

Scalable text is not only a recommended strategy for accessibility; it also benefits all of your users by allowing everyone to enjoy the experience in their unique way. By sticking to the user’s system-level choices, you avoid the need for alternatives within your app, and, similar to the default device language and dark-or-light mode, you meet the user where they are.


Automatic Speech Recognition

Mobile phone navigation necessitates the use of a hand to hold the phone as well as taps and swipes. A voice-accessible app, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly useful for those who can’t readily use their hands owing to disability or injury. Using a voice SDK, developers may implement automated speech recognition or text-to-speech cost-effectively, allowing users to engage with the app smoothly.


Targeted Push Notifications

Push notifications that are targeted to the user’s needs are essential for boosting user retention and reengagement. They enable marketers to execute upselling and cross-selling efforts, prevent cart turnover, and notify customers when a product is supplied with behavioral insights. These targeted notifications successfully shorten the customer journey and boost conversions by using timely and relevant communications.


Data Collection Opt-Out

You should always provide consumers the option to opt out of data collection. The privacy and security of users are of the greatest concern. While it may not be as clean or cool-sounding as other cutting-edge features, providing your consumers more control over their personal information is a simple approach to building trust and transparency, both of which are critical components of long-term success.


Data Caching

Make sure your app cache/saved as much data as possible on the device. Of course, this may differ from app to app, but make sure your app is as functional without an online connection as possible.



Today’s Android apps face intense competition in each of the sectors. Offering innovative, user-friendly, and simple functionality is one of the important factors that may set your app apart from the crowd. Now you know android’s latest features for developers which are the keys to creating a great Android app. App users frequently complain about a lack of memory space, which prevents them from storing important data. It is now your responsibility to handle this frequent issue while creating the Android app.

To make your mobile app development journey as easy and risk-free as possible, speak with a reputable iOS and Android app development company that can offer you a complete team. The experienced team will be in charge of everything, from app conception and planning to app development, feature customization to new feature addition, app launch to support and maintenance. 

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