13 New Mobile Application Development Trends For 2022 !!! Don’t Miss

Going with mobile application development trends gives customers additional options and freedom to use the app for personal reasons. As the usage of mobile devices is increasing, most companies are looking forward to presenting their service or product through applications.

You will find almost 5M applications are available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With the increasing demand for technology, A business needs Top end-to-end mobile app development trends software that helps in the continuous expansion of the company.

New mobile application development trends for 2022 are 5G technology, Apps for foldable & wearable devices, an online learning app, Blockchain integration, IOT mobile apps, etc. We will discuss all these mobile app development technologies in depth below.


Important Notes Regarding Top Mobile Application Development Trends For 2022

In terms of the latest trends in mobile app development, the year 2022 presents a new opportunity for companies trying to build a successful app. It’s more about implementing new technology into your business app to provide a better experience for your users.

Smartphones are the most important factor in the Digital Media World. It rapidly changes company models, operational methods, and marketplaces. By 2022, the revenue of the mobile app market is expected to reach $693 billion.

Some app notes to look forward to in 2022 for Mobile app development

• Over 1 lakhs applications will be released in the first quarter of the year 2022.

• Along with the supply, the demand for mobile apps is also increasing. Therefore, amazing mobile applications will be available from experienced developers.

• New and relevant product applications win the competition in a competitive situation.

Every business, especially software development companies, keeps up with the newest trends, which can help you find the proper developers and expertise for your app’s needs and changing market trends.

Suppose you choose an experienced Software development company in India, skilled developers, and a QA team to test the apps for better productivity and functioning, which shows the app’s compatibility. This article on forthcoming mobile app trends can assist you in better serving clients if you are going to produce a successful app that will last in the market. Mobile application trends can change your perception of how and what applications are important in full-scale application development.

The following list of mobile app trends for 2022 is more than just thought. Based on research, We’ve listed some of the top mobile application development trends that will dominate in 2022.


13 New Mobile Application Development Trends For 2022

1. The 5G Revolution

5G Revolution

Source: https://www.estatic-infotech.com/blog/post/top-mobile-app-development-trends-2022

You also heard about 6G technology. But the 5G Revolution is to make changes in technology in 2022. All the smartphone companies are now focusing on 5G mobile phone production. 50% of devices are coming with 5G support technology. This development will result in significant improvements in the accuracy and efficiency of mobile devices in 2022.

The 5G Revolution includes

• 100x faster speed on the internet than 4G.

• Faster performance of video streaming apps.

• Reduce latency from 50 milliseconds (4G) to 1 millisecond.

• More opportunities for AR & VR

• Quick and secure Mobile payments

• Faster processing of biometric data

• Smoothly data transfer

Apps will be faster, smoother, and more efficient as a result of 5G technology. It will also provide opportunities for innovation. You can make them a reality with 5G. We’re also excited to see what technology brings to the revolution.


2. AI & Machine Learning

For the past several years, AI and machine learning have been among the most popular mobile application development trends. From the face app to realistic animation, AI always brings something new that is unexpected. 

Google also added new features to its Maps app that employ AI to improve the user experience. One such function is Live view, which allows users to navigate big indoor locations via augmented reality. By optimizing directions for reduced fuel usage, Google also has used AI to offer fewer carbon-intensive routes.

Machine learning is another promising subject where we expect to see revolutionary developments. When deep learning and machine learning work together, they can provide useful data and real-time insights for mobile application development projects.

Apple has been a major player in the field of machine learning. Developers have been able to construct engaging new experiences. Thanks to its clever machine learning algorithms. You can not only add existing features but also easily redesign and ML APIs also allow you to create new functionalities.

AI and Machine Learning Apps include Snapchat, Netflix, Tinder, and Spotify. 

These technologies this year become familiar with their features and many of their components. However, these technological breakthroughs have raised the standard for mobile app creation in 2022, and it will be interesting to watch what it delivers throughout the year.


3. App For Wearable Device

According to the study from Statista, In 2022, there will be 1.1 billion linked wearable devices, with North America expected to have approximately 700 wearables and the highest number of 5G connections established via wearables. 

With the development in health consciousness among the general consumer population, fitness tracking has witnessed a favorable and rising trend in demand within the wearable market.

The wearable device is another option to facilitate your customers. Receiving notifications and messages on a smartwatch is the most important feature. The US users loved these features most.

App developers and businesses should prepare with apps that give an exceptional digital experience to customers on Smartwatches and wearables, obtaining a clear advantage over those that do not.

Adopt this mobile app development trend to get closer to your target clients by providing them with a single digital experience.


4. App For Foldable Device

When it comes to innovation, foldable gadgets have emerged in the mobile industry. The people who have the foldable device used as they used it for decades. Foldable devices have become the new standard. With the transition from mobile phone touch displays to GPS functionality, they dominate the market.

The idea here is that an app should be adaptable and fluidly change its presentation when the screen folds or unfolds.

After Samsung Galaxy Fold launches in 2019, many other devices are launched such as Huawei Mate X, Motorola Razr, etc. According to Statista, over 3.2 million foldable phones were transported in 2019. This prediction is expected to rise to 50 million units by 2022.

Video streaming and gaming applications can get the most out of foldable smartphones by simply increasing their screen size – or by using an extra area to provide more information and controls. As a result, developing apps with the screen in mind will be one of the most important mobile application development trends in 2022.


5. Multi-Purpose Apps

For many years, mobile app development businesses have taken the approach of one app, one objective. However, the strategy is changing. Companies are moving away from single-purpose apps and toward multi-purpose solutions. Companies are moving away from local applications and toward all-in-one solutions that serve several functions.

These Multi-Purpose Apps are also called Super Apps. The best example is Facebook and Amazon. From social media apps, Facebook is turning to the marketplace so that people can buy and sell their products on Facebook. Amazon is also turning its app for payment with shopping apps. 

The popularity of Multi-purpose apps is not widespread in the Western world, since individuals prefer to experiment with several solutions before settling on one. Ultimately, though, everyone desires convenience. So, Multi-purpose apps are a mobile app development trend to watch out for in 2022.


6. Peer-to-Peer Mobile Apps

According to eMarketer, the value of P2P mobile transactions is expected to reach $ 612.23 billion by 2023. This means that there is now a lot of room for P2P mobile apps. So, Peer-to-Peer mobile apps are another trend in the mobile app development sector.

When you develop quick transition apps for sellers and retailers, only then do they show interest in your apps. One can develop P2P apps with the following features:

• Integration with Social media platforms.

• Payment directly through the bank.

• With their payment systems.

• Cryptocurrency wallets.

If you have a P2P mobile app idea, there has never been a better moment to make it a reality.


7. 3D Graphics Apps

3D Graphics Apps

3D designs are widely utilized in industries and are critical components for 3D printing, architecture, animation, gaming, and industrial design. 3D graphics are used in mobile apps for digital creation, providing a real-time impression. 

It’s no wonder that 3D visual components are becoming more popular, as technology advances and the design profession expands. Whether you have an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, the 3D software provides high-quality results for free.

What does the 3D graphics app provide?

• 3D models for animations and visualizations

• 3D prototyping

• Gravity Sketch

• Convenient and intuitive workspace

• 3D scanning

As smartphones and tablets offer vast scope for the development of action and highly advanced graphic items, such useful and compelling graphics will quickly become crucial components.


8. Beacon Technology

Beacon technology allows for the connection of both the online and offline worlds. Businesses are on the approach of linking gadgets and applications that will allow them to provide flawless service to their clients by knowing how they engage with mobile apps.

It is not new but not highly used in mobile app development. For the last couple of years, Beacon Technology has gained attraction again, so it seems like it will grow in 2022. 

Customers’ data and in-store purchase habits provide a wealth of information for businesses to handle using beacon technology and linking data. Today, technology is nothing new for any sector, and merchants are using it to track how customers communicate and behave in physical locations in real-time.

By building the best available solutions, the software development firm and top mobile app development companies are assisting retail enterprises in increasing their output and growing. Retailers and other businesses will use beacon technology with additional mobile capabilities, such as quick shopping and mobile payments, by 2022.


9. Online Learning

Mobile learning is widely preferred by businesses because it results in greater course completion rates, faster learning, stronger engagement, and better information retention. Mobile learning is well-known for a variety of reasons. For starters, it makes learning more accessible. Learners are empowered because they can learn from anyone and anywhere. Furthermore, experiences such as constant feedback and 360-degree learning have made learning more dynamic and enjoyable.

There is a significant demand for mobile learning apps. According to Statista, 35% of employees commonly use their mobile devices to learn. Furthermore, the mobile learning market is predicted to reach $58.50 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 21.45% between 2020 – 2025. As a result, mobile learning is a strong trend that will transform the landscape of mobile application development.

If you have a revolutionary concept or a plan to establish a mobile learning solution to teach your personnel, now is the time to contact an education app development team.


10. On-Demand Apps

One of the most popular mobile app trends in 2022 is on-demand mobile app development. Mobile applications such as Uber and Airbnb have successfully changed the app industry. The mobile landscape is something that encourages businesses to grab their audience from any place in an internet-focused and digitalized world. On-demand service applications are popular because they make things easier for both clients and app owners.

The most common apps are Uber, Swiggy, Zomato, etc. According to the research, people spend $57.6 billion every year on on-demand services to meet their needs. With increasing demand and increasing mobile application development, the possibilities for on-demand applications seem limitless.

Entrepreneurs are shifting to on-demand services that facilitate transactions of products and services to the doorstep using B2C, B2B, and C2C business models. On-demand applications act as a bridge between a company and its customers, & provide the finest experiences and productivity. 

A company may improve its production cycle and earn income by utilizing on-demand app capabilities. Clients may also enhance profitability by adding cutting-edge features to their apps.

Examples of on-demand apps that are reshaping the on-demand sector:

• Food delivery

• House cleaning

• Car Cleaning

• Doctors

• Laundry service

• Maintenance services

• Pet care

• Beauty salon

• Virtual tutors and coaches

• Fitness on-demand


11. Blockchain

During the Bitcoin rush, we first heard about Blockchain. However, technology has progressed significantly and is now relevant in a variety of fields. It is rapidly expanding and is predicted to generate $20 billion in sales by 2024. Blockchain is also playing an important part in mobile application development.

These days, decentralized apps are popular. There are roughly 70 million blockchain wallets in use, with mobile wallets being the most popular. These figures also demonstrate that the number of people using blockchain wallets is rapidly expanding.

Furthermore, currency converters employ Blockchain to monitor digital assets, safeguard digital identification, and manage loyalty programs. Intelligent contracts, anti-piracy software, tools to control elections, and Blockchain as a service (BaaS) platforms will make the trend more widespread in 2022 and beyond.


12. Predictive Analytics App

For a long time, businesses have used predictive analytics in mobile apps. Netflix uses it to propose movies and TV series to viewers based on their viewing behavior. Amazon also makes use of predictive analytics to customize product suggestions.

Predictive analytics will become more popular this year. Here are two areas where we expect the trend to have a significant influence on mobile app development in 2022:-

• The Development Process: Enterprises may use the collected data from developers to identify problems before they exist and provide better solutions.

• The Design Process: Businesses may utilize user data to forecast and customize the user’s experience.

As a consequence, One can dramatically shorten development time while maintaining outstanding quality and concentrating more on providing innovations.


13. IoT-Enabled Mobile Apps

IoT-Enabled Mobile Apps

The internet has touched every aspect of our life. We are surrounded by Internet-connected gadgets, from smartphones, laptops, and tablets to voice-controlled smart home devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) has developed into much more than a fad. It has become an integral part of our everyday lives, with a projected value of $594 billion in 2022.

Amazon and Google both utilize this tech. They increased competition in IoT by launching the “Echo” range of devices and the Google Home Voice Controller, respectively. As a result, Samsung, Xiaomi, Bosch, and Honeywell are also moving fast toward this technology. Retail supply chains, smart homes, and smart health insurance plans are no longer a thing but have become a reality.

As the need for IoT devices and systems grows, so will the desire for IoT-enabled apps; consequently, we’ve included it in your list of the top mobile app development trends for 2022.



With the growth of Covid-19 – consumers have had to relocate more of their lives online. There is a growing desire to provide consumers with more tailored experiences. This digital transformation, as well as the emphasis on user happiness, is reflected in the mobile app development trends for 2022. Including relevant trends in your mobile app’s feature plan can help you succeed in the coming year and beyond.

This list of 2022’s top mobile application development trends will undoubtedly give you great insight into the future of mobile apps. You’ll be able to meet your consumers’ individual wants and provide them with an innovative experience if you’re up to date on mobile technology advancements. EbizzInfotech is always ready to assist you in these attempts and help you grow your business !!!

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