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Emerging new technologies for Mobile

Year 2019 is emerging as a benchmark year for the trends shaping mobile app development, where there is an emergence of newer tools and cutting-edge technologies, while the traditional approaches and technologies continue to grow and top emerging new technologies that will shape the mobile development industry in 2019 and beyond -

How to Copyright Your Photos in Mobile Phone

Nowadays, there is a new trend of adding own name on the photos, as a sign of own Copyright! Have you safeguarded your memorable photos from being stolen? Do you copyright your family photos, before posting them on social media? Still, you are not protecting your photos?

Native vs. Cross platform strategies for App development

As the market for App development expands and our dependency on apps is increasing, a day on day, more people are seeking apps for their unique business ideas. However, every investor gives considerable thought to the platform for App development. Whether he/she should go for Native App or cut down development cost by getting a Cross-platform app, remains a matter of raging debate. In this article, we have tried to explain the differences between native and cross-platform applications and explain some of their advantages and disadvantages, which will have your choose best platform for your business requirements.

Trends in Mobile Development 2019

Mobile development is certainly one of the innovative and actively growing sector. The mobile application market is arguably dominated by Google apps Mobile application development is driven by advancements in technology which requires businesses to have a vision for next few years.